Our galaxy, the Milky Way

The Milky Way that we can see in the night sky is actually just one of the spiral arms of our own galaxy, which takes, by extension, the same name. Our galaxy is a grouping of about 300,000 million stars in the form of a spiral or gyndula, whose dimensions are estimated to be around… Seguir leyendo Our galaxy, the Milky Way


It is totally absurd to take one of the best parts of vegetables to make a juice, and to believe that we have improved something. Fiber not only serves «to go to the bathroom», it also feeds our microbiota by acting as a prebiotic, captures toxins and makes them less time in contact with our… Seguir leyendo WE PRESERVE THE FIBER

‘Smart agro’ against climate change

The agriculture sector faces a major challenge: as the world’s population grows exponentially, climate change affects both arable land area and productivity, on a global scale. Traditional agriculture is both victim and responsible for this climate change, which threatens to reduce the available arable land by between 5 and 50% by 2050. In this worrying… Seguir leyendo ‘Smart agro’ against climate change

Having a dog improves your health

A new study confirms that sharing a roof with this animal improves blood pressure and cholesterol levels and is associated with a lower incidence of obesity, which protects the owner’s cardiovascular health. What are you waiting for to adopt one? These faithful pets not only guard our homes, but also our hearts. The Mayo Clinic… Seguir leyendo Having a dog improves your health