Albert Einstein’s manuscript will be auctioned for over € 2 million. The auction will be held on November 23 in Paris

Albert Einstein’s manuscript, which contains the first attempts to bring the theory of relativity, will be auctioned on November 23 in Paris. Bidding was organized by Christie’s and Aguttes auctions.

The famous physicist wrote this manuscript together with the Swiss Michel Besso in 1914. In total, the document contains 54 pages, most of which are filled with equations and calculations.

Scientists have tried to calculate the displacement of the orbit of Mercury at the closest point to the Sun (perihelion). The equations were supposed to confirm the general theory of relativity (GR), but on page 28, Einstein made a mistake in determining the mass of the Sun and failed to bring GR. Einstein returned to calculations in 1915 and they proved general relativity.

Christie’s and Aguttes plan to raise 2 to 3 million euros from the sale of the manuscript.

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