Scientists named exercises that will save many diseases in old age

Too many people are too lazy to do exercise to strengthen their muscles and bones, the Department of Public Health England has said.

The department says that while the call for more frequent aerobic exercise for heart and lung health — such as running — is having an effect, people still don’t know well how to monitor their overall body health and strength.

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So they give advice on which exercises people can use to ensure they feel better in their old age.

Strength and Balance
We should all do strength training at least once a week.

The Department of Public Health advises exercising:

ball games (soccer, volleyball, basketball, etc.);
racquet sports (tennis, badminton, etc.)
Nordic walking (walking technique, which uses special sticks that train the upper part of the body)
Strength resistance exercises (using special equipment that you have to push or pull during the workout).
Yoga, oriental martial arts (like Taijiquan) and cycling also strengthen bones and muscles and train body balance.

According to researchers, only one in three men and one in four women do enough of any of these exercises.

Strengthening muscles and bones can improve well-being and physical fitness at any age and reduce the risks of premature death.

Such exercise can also help maintain health during difficult periods, such as pregnancy, menopause, the onset or diagnosis of disease, or during convalescence. Read more about this article → Read more about this article

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