The best summer drinks

Best: iced coffee
Coffee is rich in immune-boosting antioxidants. Perhaps that’s why it has been associated with a reduced risk of diabetes and heart disease. For the greatest benefits, drink black coffee or add a little milk (sugar, syrup, or whipped cream are not appropriate for a healthy drink).
Best: iced green tea

Green tea is a great choice at any time, but studies show that it’s especially beneficial in summer: it helps absorb ultraviolet rays, reducing the risk of sunburn. (It’s not a substitute for sunscreen, and you should still avoid being in the bright sun at noon.) For a special drink, add fresh herbs

Best: Carcade.
Hibiscus is a flower whose petals make a sour, bright red, caffeine-free drink. The rich color of the hibiscus indicates that it has a lot of anthocyanins. They are antioxidants with a number of health benefits, including reducing the risk of cancer; in addition, a 2011 study found that they can lower blood pressure. Carcade is versatile: it’s both a delicious iced tea and a good addition to lemonades and cocktails.
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