Mercedes-Benz has created its first car for virtual racing

League of Legends fans were in for a surprise when they watched the official music video for the 2022 World Cup anthem. The video showed the first ever virtual Mercedes show car.

The vehicle only briefly appears in the animated video, but now Mercedes has shared a couple more photos of it. The car looks really futuristic thanks to the bubble cabin and a quartet of glass wheels. According to Gorden Wagener, Mercedes-Benz’s chief designer, although it didn’t have to follow the laws of physics to create it, it was still challenging to develop.

«When developing an extraordinary and virtual show car, two worlds merge – real automotive design and animated design,» Wagener said.

«With virtual space, we have no limitations, which means we can push the boundaries and give our creativity room for the unexpected. The result is something unique: the first fully virtual show car from Mercedes-Benz.»

In addition to the new show car, Mercedes-Benz will also see design elements from the game incorporated into the Mercedes EQS digital in-car display during the game’s World Finals (which begin on November 3) in San Francisco.

These partnerships come after Riot Games, the studio behind League of Legends, extended its partnership with Mercedes-Benz. The German luxury car manufacturer will sponsor League of Legends Esports events until 2025.

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