The most incredible BMW 7 Series sedan has been revealed

Information about the little-known BMW 767iL was published on the Internet. The unique prototype of the BMW seven was created in the late 80s in one single copy. The video with the history and review of the car was published on the CarRanger Youtube channel.

The car was designed as an experimental flagship version of the BMW 7 Series E32. Its main feature is hidden under the hood – the sedan was equipped with a huge 16-cylinder engine, like Bugatti Chiron and Veyron.

The engine was created on the basis of the standard five-liter V12 BMW M70 from the 750 iL model – it just added four more cylinders. The working volume has increased to 6.7 liters.

The engine power reached 408 hp, and the maximum torque was quite impressive – 625 Nm. The sedan turned out to be fast, by the standards of its time – it accelerated to 100 km/h in 6 seconds and developed 280 km/h.

However, the V16 had some drawbacks. The engine was too big and it was difficult to fit under the hood of the BMW 7 Series E32. Radiators did not fit in the engine compartment and had to be moved to the trunk (so there were ventilation holes in the back).

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