The original Volkswagen Lamando 5X concept car was shown in China

The original Volkswagen Lamando 5XL concept car was presented in China. This is the world’s widest passenger car. Details of the non-standard prototype were revealed on the Wheelsboy Youtube channel.

It is based on the standard Volkswagen Lamando, presented recently. The car was cut longitudinally in half and the central section of the body was added. As a result of such improvements, the width of the Volkswagen reached three meters. In the pictures, the car looks drawn in Photoshop and it is not immediately believed that it is real.

The interior of Volkswagen Lamando, of course, also became wider, so the car became a seven-seater: there are now three seats in front and four in the back.

The liftback has become significantly heavier, but the engine has remained unchanged. Volkswagen Lamando 5XL is equipped with a 1.4-liter 150-horsepower turbo-four. Since the engine compartment has become more spacious, now a person can stand in it.

Of course, the new Volkswagen Lamando 5XL will not become serial. The unique car will be used as a show car at various events.

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