Rear lights for the Hummer electric car are sold for the price of a new BMW motorcycle

Repairing a new GMC Hummer EV after a minor accident can cost a pretty penny. The fact is that body parts for an electric car are not cheap. For example, a set of taillights costs more than $6,000. It became known to journalists of The Drive website.

More precisely, one GMC Hummer EV’s headlight will cost $3045. Such sum is specified in the price list for spare parts from General Motors and does not include work on replacement of a detail – it is necessary to pay them separately.

To compare: for $6,000 you can buy a new motorcycle of a famous brand – for example, BMW G310 R. And since this model is new, there are no non-original analogs on the market yet.

It is noteworthy that some dealers put even higher prices for Hummer lights – up to 4040 dollars a piece. Of course, the electric car is not cheap (costs from $84,650), but a comparable Cadillac Escalade has lights a few times cheaper – $1312 per set. Even for the Bugatti Veyron, they cost $5,600 per pair.

The high price may be due to the complicated design of the lights. The fact is that the controllers that control the LEDs are right in the lenses, not in the body of the car. Such technology is still very expensive.

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