Silent Hill F, 2 Remake, Return to Silent Hill Movie Announced: All Details

Silent Hill universe is returning with a bang. Konami has announced a range of new IPs for the horror series, as part of the Silent Hill Transmission stream, held early Thursday India time. The entries include a 1969s Japan set Silent Hill f game, a full remake of Silent Hill 2, a Return to Silent hill movie, and a spin-off title published by Annapurna Interactive, Silent Hill: Townfall. Prior to the broadcast, there were rumours regarding a Silent Hill: The Short Message teaser demo, though it was nowhere to be seen in the presentation.

Silent Hill f
From acclaimed supernatural horror writer Ryukishi07 comes Silent Hill f, an exciting departure for the franchise, as it shifts to a 1960s Japanese town. The Silent Hill f trailer focuses on a beautiful, yet destructive blight — a flesh-eating plant — that seems to ravage the last-remaining humans in the small, scenic town. We see it consume an unidentified schoolgirl, feasting on her nutrition to serve its parasitic needs, and blossom into a raft, of sorts. The trailer is loaded with horrifying themes of trypophobia, face peeling off, and art design that draws heavy parallels to the final shot from the 2019 film, Midsommar. This was just a teaser, and therefore, features no release date.

Silent Hill 2 remake
After being the subject of widespread rumours, Konami has finally unveiled the Silent Hill 2 remake. Bloober Team, best known for their work on psychological horror titles such as Layers of Fear 2 and The Medium, is at the helm of this project. The timeless classic is being built from the ground up, featuring a new-gen visual overhaul, alongside gameplay elements to appeal to a modern audience.

One of the new elements you could spot in the Silent Hill 2 remake reveal trailer is the over-the-shoulder camera perspective — akin to Resident Evil 2 remake — through which, the developers intend to “immerse players even deeper into the game, make them feel like they are a part of this unreal world, and deliver them a more visceral experience across the board.”

Built using Unreal Engine 5, Bloober Team promises a refined combat system and top-notch visual fidelity, employing the Lumen and Nanite technology. Silent Hill 2 remake will be out on PC and PS5, but there’s no release window yet. You can now wishlist it on Steam.

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