Recipes for culinary whims for every taste

Recipes for culinary whims for every taste

Sweet croutons, lazy cheesecakes, baked zucchini and other interesting dishes
Baked zucchini with cheese
Ingredients: zucchini – 2 pcs, hard cheese – 150 g, garlic – 1 clove, spices, salt and herbs – to taste, olive oil – 1 tablespoon.

Method of preparation:

Grate the cheese with medium or small teeth. Peel the garlic and pass it through a press. Mix the grated cheese and chopped garlic. This will make it easier to spread the cheese and garlic on the surface of the zucchini.

Add your favorite spices to the cheese. You can use ground paprika, dried basil, and thyme. Mix everything well until smooth.

Wash and dry the zucchini. Cut off the stem attachments. If you have ripe zucchini, peel it off and remove the seeds inside. Cut the vegetable into thin, elongated cubes.

Put the zucchini in a baking dish. Drizzle with olive or sunflower oil. Add salt to taste.

Sprinkle an even layer of cheese with seasonings and garlic on top. Put the baking dish in the preheated oven and leave it until it is ready.

Garnish the dish with fresh herbs and serve. Oven-baked zucchini with cheese and garlic is delicious hot and cold.

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